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齊藤 可那子|Kanako Saito









1990 群馬県生まれ

2015   東京藝術大学大学 美術学部 絵画科油画専攻 卒業

2017   東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科 絵画専攻油画第五研究室  修了




2022       "Go With The Flow" 東京

2021       "BUG4ASS" 東京

2017       "天空の芸術祭2017" 長野

2017       "第65回東京藝術大学卒業・修了作品展" 東京

2016       "シーサイドプールサイド" 千葉

2016       "天空の芸術祭2016" 長野

2016       "KENPOKU ART 2016 茨城県北芸術祭" 茨城 グループ参加

2015     “越後妻有トリエンナーレ2015” 新潟 奴奈川キャンパス, ぶなが池 

2015       “第63回東京藝術大学卒業・修了作品展 ” 東京

2014       “tropical forest” yuga gallery 東京

2014       “ping pong! ”油画3年進級展 3331 arts chiyoda 

2013       “キャベツ畑でダイビング” ringoya gallery 

2012       “oil^ ”  油画2年進級展  

2011       “ ARTPATH2011” 東京藝術大学取手キャンパス大学美術館


2024       "錯覚が" 東京 @same gallery

Kanako Saito

She explores the themes of sensory limits, laws, and control by creating kinetic installations that primarily use light and motion, improvising with lighting, motors, metals, woods, prefabricated items, and discarded materials to interact with space.

In addition to her visual art, she also expresses herself through sound, engaging in noise music performances using analog synthesizers, microphones, and homemade effects. Occasionally, she DJs under the name "DJ Onikoroshi" and hosts an internet radio show called "RKwave" with friends on an irregular basis.

Based in Tokyo.

Born 1990 in Gunma, Japan

2017  M.F.A., Oil Painting course, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

2015  B.F.A., Oil Painting course, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

Based in Tokyo, Japan



​2022       "Go With The Flow" Tokyo

2021       "BUG4ASS" Tokyo

2017        "Tenku Art Festival 2017" Nagano

2017        "65th Graduation Works Exhibitions " Tokyo

2016        ”seaside poolside” Chiba

2016        "Tenku Art Festival 2016" Nagano

2016        "KENPOKU ART 2016" Ibaraki

2015   "Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015"  NIgata

2015        "63th Graduation Works Exhibitions " Tokyo

2014        "tropical forest" yuga gallery

           "ping pong!"  3331 arts chiyoda

2013        "diving in cabbage fields " ringoya gallery

2012        "oil ^"  Tokyo University of the Arts

2011        "ARTPATH2011 " Tokyo University of the Arts Museum 

solo exhibitions

​2024       "sakkakuga" Tokyo, samegallery

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